A few hens enjoying their new home in our portable rickshaw style coop.
We built an easy access hatch on the outside for egg removal.
We were able to bring some ancient rhubarb plants from the home farm, and thankfully they all survived the move.
We recently returned to the old farm on Plank Line to harvest our garlic, planted last October.
We are now just around the bend from the Sweaburg Swamp, south of Woodstock.
It may be small, but we have big plans for this piece of land!!
Jesse simultaneously filling sand bags and digging us an irrigation pond, one trowel at a time.
A map showing our future plan, with pasture in front, 9 veggie fields, a greenhouse, and a pond.
We are using large plastic silage tarps to help kill off the perennial pasture grass where our veggie beds will be next year.
Rhubarb has made a miraculous recovery, and is the first crop established in what will be our perennial orchard windbreak strips.
A view of the front field from the shed.
Garlic is hanging to dry in the shed. This year we harvested around 2100 bulbs of Music, a hardneck variety.
Jesse is using our new Berta rotary plow to create raised beds.
Adding composted manure to a field block before planting an oats & peas cover crop.
First steps in preparation for the new greenhouse, attempting to adjust to slope that exists on the majority of the property.
Oats & Peas are the first cover crop to germinate this fall.
Jesse marks rows for planting garlic.
And the garlic is in for 2018!!! 8 beds this time, each 50′ long.
Jesse is trying out a flex-tine rake for weeding thread-stage weeds, and aerating the soil surface in the hoophouse. Spinach is growing very slowly by this time of year (early December).
And we have a new logo! Courtesy of the very talented Amanda over at amandadevries.com
And the new greenhouse project is underway! This daunting cathedral will house tender greens over winter, and tomatoes and peppers all summer, as well as provide us a cosy place to start seedlings in the springtime.
The beginnings of our orchard arrived just as some early snow did in November. Here sisters Rhea and Emalee and nephew Jack brave the cold to get the job done.